e-Library ಗ್ರಂಥಾಲಯ


 The Kannada Kasthuri of Central Pennsylvania takes great pride in offering its e-library & library services for promoting Kannada literature in the Pennsylvania Area. For e-library Portal Visit: https://bit.ly/2WlDBmQ

Kannada books available in the digital library (Digital library of India website) are converted into Catalog type and saved in google drive so that interested people can easily download them and read by clicking links provided below.

Approximately 2700+ books are available Make use of this and share with friends and family 

Poorna Chandra tejaswi’s

Books of dr.shivram karanth

Mrs.Triveni’s Novels

Books of yandamuri

Novels of Ashwini

Sudarshan Desai Novel Folder share link,

  • 1)Airavata_tif.pdf
  • 2)Amar Deepa_tif.pdf
  • 3)Badavana maneya Manikya_tif.pdf
  • 4)Benkiya Madilalli_tif.pdf
  • 5)Chinnada Beralu_tif.pdf
  • 6)Mruthyu Bandhan_tif.pdf
  • 7)Seelu Nalige_tif.pdf
  • 8)Sheetal Koli_tif.pdf
  • 9)Vichitra Aparadhi_tif.pdf
  • 10)Visha Manthan_tif.pdf
  • 11)Yamadootaru_tif.pdf

Novels of H.G Raadhadevi

Books of C N Muktha

Novels of Saaisuthe

Novels of Mrs M K Indira

Novels of Usha Navaratnam

BV Ananthram books

Novels by Koundinya