Month: May 2018

HaKKa Picnic 2018 and other updates

ಪ್ರಿಯ ಹಕ್ಕ ಬಾಂಧವರೆ ,
With the rising temperatures, it is time for our HAKKA family’s annual picnic! We are looking forward to an outdoor get together on the 9th of June at the Memorial Lake State park. The park address and timings can be found in the evite link below. I request you all to please RSVP to the evite before May 15th so we can plan better for the event.
Along with this, I have a few other updates for all of you.
As most of you are already aware, it is getting closer to SANGAMAM. This year, Girish Joshi and Srilakshmi Kulkarni have graciously agreed to take the load off of co-ordinating entertainment activities of HAKKA for Sangamam. My sincere thanks to them for their time and effort in advance.
I also would like to introduce Rashmi Sharath, who has agreed to be onboard HAKKA’s EC along side Uma Shastry. A warm welcome and thank you to Rashmi.
Again, I request you all to please RSVP for the picnic on or before May 15th for better planning. Evite link is below. The food grid will follow soon.
Thank you!
Sneha Vijayaraghavan
Hakka President
Harrisburg, PA, USA

Message from New Persident – Sneha Vijayaraghavan

Namaskara to my dear HAKKA family!

Hope this spring finds you all in good spirits. I write to thank all of you that joined voices to choose me as the President of HAKKA. I am honored to be in that position and am very excited to get to work.

Let me begin with a shout out to our previous committee that made huge advances in various facets of this growing organization. Great job and Thank you!

While you are all enjoying the spring(like?) weather, we are gearing up for yet another exciting year of HAKKA activities. It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce my team here:

  • Eager to bring some new palate to the table – Rupa Asuri & Sucheta Kulkarni
  • Looking forward to bringing you some exciting entertainment – Uma Shastri & ??
  • Lending a supportive hand for Sangamam related activities – Girish Joshi.
  • Keeping on top of our communication channels such as FB and HAKKA website – Sathish Gowda.
  • Sathish is also an integral part of our Kannada Kali programs.
  • To help us integrate with the community that we live in, leading the Seva committee – Champa Prasad.
  • Champa has also has volunteered to mentor our youth led by Poorvi Patil and Antara Kulkarni on the youth committee.
  • Holding the rope trying to tie these teams together and pitching in where needed  – yours truly J
  • And our honorable BOTs  – Sheela Marikunte, Prakash Patil and Girish Joshi.

We do have a very enthusiastic and exhaustive agenda, but, we need all of your support, encouragement and participation to make this happen.

Please note that we have only one team member supporting entertainment. Uma could definitely use some help! We are looking to add another EC team member here. If any of you are interested or know of someone that might be, please come forward or suggest.

I believe one of HAKKA’s core motto is to carry the torch of culture to our next generation. Ironically, in every one of our events, this next generation is what seems to be alienated the most. I earnestly ask for suggestions from each one of you on how we can involve the youth and kids in our organization to imbibe the culture that we grew up with, in them. Please let us know what you think might interest and engage our kids so that they also look forward to being a part of HAKKA.

We are also open for suggestions on how we can harvest the wealth of our senior citizens. And by that, I do not mean breaking into their houses or banks. J I would like for us and for our next generation to absorb the wealth of information and advice that our seniors can provide. We need to come up with ways to harvest this wealth. Please help us with programs that involve seniors and youth as well.

Please also help us by inviting your Kannadiga friends and new families in the Central PA area to be a part of this close knit family. The more the merrier!

Finally,  good luck to our kids with their final exams, safe travels to those that are traveling this summer, hoping you have a bumper harvest with your veggies gardens,  and to those of you that are eagerly looking forward to your kids coming back home from college, enjoy your family time together!  Make great memories!

PS: While we are looking forward to all of your valuable suggestions, we ask that you reply only to this email and please do not reply all. Thanks for your understanding.

Until we get closer to our picnic, signing off..

Sneha Vijayaraghavan
Hakka President
Harrisburg, PA, USA